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The migration form different testers

One of the major obstacles when migrating a test program from one system to another is the difference in multiplexing schemes. Such a difference might require changes in the fixture wiring during migration.

CITE, the tester software platform of the MTS tester family, can include different test program translators from the different languages to the CITE test language. Such translators are:

• Schlumberger S730,S750,S790
• Agilent 3070 and 3065
• GenRad 179X, 227X and 228X
• Marconi 80R and Midata MD530
• Rohde and Schwarz TSXXX
• Tescon

However the test program migration can go beyond just the translation of the test program. An adapter can be used to use an existing test fixture on the MTS testers for example:

• Adapter to use GR227X and 228X on MTS300 Sigma
• Adapter to use Agilent 3070 on MTS300 Sigma
• Adapter to use Rohde and Schwarz fixtures on MTS300 Sigma
• Adapter to use Marconi 80R on MTS300 Sigma
• Adapter to use Schlumberger S730,S750 and S790 on MTS84X tester.
• Note that there is no adapter required to use an existing Tescon fixture on MTS180.


Our customers rave about our products

Over 110 major electronics manufacturers in 23 countries are depending on our testers and software tools to ensure quality aspects in their products from the design phase through production and test.

We are specialized in the development of both software and hardware for the international Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) market. We are dedicated to perfecting the manufacture and testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our automated software links Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the production, testing and repair of PCBs.

The software that we produce can be classified into two main categories: Design/Manufacturing and Testing/Quality Management. Our three major software products are C-LINK, CITE, and C-LINK QMan.