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Inline Solutions 

Complete In-Line Solutions

All major In-Line handler manufacturers have developed a handler solution for Digitaltest’s MTS tester family. A rack-mountable solution is also available – the MTS300i will fit in a 19" rack provided by most In-Line solution manufacturers.

In this photograph, the 19" center cabinet contains the tester rack. Within the cabinet, the tester rack is mounted on rails that allow the chassis to slide forward for easy access to the board slots.

The top cage includes the In-Circuit test pins - analog, hybrid, or a combination of the two. The functional test modules are housed in the lower cage. The left and right cages shown are optional - they may be included to house the power supplies or any additional IEEE or VXI instruments. The following picture shows the fixture interface.

The fixture interface is connected to the tester through a vacuum. This eliminates the use of long cables between the tester and the fixture interface and guarantees measurement quality.


Our customers rave about our products

Over 110 major electronics manufacturers in 23 countries are depending on our testers and software tools to ensure quality aspects in their products from the design phase through production and test.

We are specialized in the development of both software and hardware for the international Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) market. We are dedicated to perfecting the manufacture and testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our automated software links Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the production, testing and repair of PCBs.

The software that we produce can be classified into two main categories: Design/Manufacturing and Testing/Quality Management. Our three major software products are C-LINK, CITE, and C-LINK QMan.