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MTS 300-Sigma 

The MTS 300 Sigma is the most sophisticated ATE-System available. It has been designed by Digitaltest to meet all demands on today's test systems: flexibility, high fault coverage and efficient programming. Flexibility is guaranteed by the modular design of the MTS 300 Sigma, and the various test methods it offers, which offer the user multiple Test strategies. Also, a result of its modular design, the MTS 300 Sigma, can be optimally configured for current needs without limiting the possibilities of future expansions. This refers to the choice of the individual test method, as well as to the number of tester pins.

The various test methods which may be combined depending on the user's needs are: Analog and digital In-Circuittest, analog and digital functional test, OpensCheck, Clustertests, Boundary Scan, Flash-programming, VXI- CAN, M-, and various busses, vision test.In-Circuit test (ICT) is the most efficient method for detecting production faults. The ICT of the MTS 300 Sigma allows quick and exact localization of short circuits, discontinues, tolerance faults, faulty insertion, and misoriented or defective components.The MTS 300 Sigma can be extended up to 3456 analog tester pins or 1728 hybrid pins. Specially designed ICT test modules allow highly accurate measurements. The individual component can be thoroughly isolated using guard techniques: thus each component is tested separately. The components are tested with the six-bus-method which allows exact measurement of small impedances, as well as high guard ratio (1:1000). A phase-related-AC-measurement enables real measurement of R-L-C components.

A further advantage of the ICT is the automatic test program generation. This requires a circuit description and the accessibility of nodes.

Functional test (FCT) is an important part of the complete test strategy in order to achieve low failure rates in the system or in the final test. For this purpose, the MTS 300 Sigma can be equipped with a large variety of additional test modules and instruments, completely independent from the test modules for the ICT. The architecture of the MTS 300 Sigma can be subdivided into three groups: Analog instruments, Digital test modules and Diagnosis modules.

The different groups may be individually extended. Thus, the final configuration must not necessarily be taken into account when the system is configured for the first time. This fact guarantees real compatibility of the individual systems.

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We are specialized in the development of both software and hardware for the international Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) market. We are dedicated to perfecting the manufacture and testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our automated software links Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the production, testing and repair of PCBs.

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