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MTS 180-Eagle 

The MTS180 is Digitaltest's economical solution for high volume production. Equipped with a Press-Down Unit and a combination of analog and hybrid In-Circuit test pins, the MTS180 represents a class of its own. Furthermore, the tester can be equipped with functional test modules to provide higher fault coverage and thus satisfy the test requirements of a vast number of customers. The economics of the tester are not limited to the initial costs. For example, the economical press-down fixturing solution dramatically reduces the costs of test fixtures. Users can create the most complex fixtures with features such as double-sided board access, OpensCheck probes from both sides etc., at reasonable costs that are far below vacuum fixture costs. The system can be equipped with up to 2000 analog or 1600 hybrid pins, providing a reasonable-size platform.

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Our customers rave about our products

Over 110 major electronics manufacturers in 23 countries are depending on our testers and software tools to ensure quality aspects in their products from the design phase through production and test.

We are specialized in the development of both software and hardware for the international Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) market. We are dedicated to perfecting the manufacture and testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our automated software links Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the production, testing and repair of PCBs.

The software that we produce can be classified into two main categories: Design/Manufacturing and Testing/Quality Management. Our three major software products are C-LINK, CITE, and C-LINK QMan.