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QMan - Failure Import

The Failure import reads the datalog files generated by the test station and extracts the data, converting them for use in the QMan database records.

QMan can work with almost any In-Circuit tester available on the market.

All major testers are already integrated.

An easy to use converter allows the user to translate data coming from other testers.

Error message interpretation is necessary where the user wants to extract error parameters from the error message such as component name, fault types, net names etc.

Functional test stations can be integrated as long as the error messages generated are unique to a certain measurement.

List of currently supported test systems by QMan:

• Digitaltest MTS

• Digitaltest CITE
• Digitaltest Condor

• HP 3065
• HP 3070
• Schlumberger CATE
• Teradyne

• Rohde and Schwarz
• Genrad 2281
• Takaya

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