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Redefining Paperless Repair

Before the C-LINK era, the term "paperless repair" meant eliminating the paper tag of the error message occurring during test. By identifying the barcode, the error message will be written to a server, so that when the board moves to the repair workstation, the barcode will be re-identified and the complete error messages that occurred during test will be displayed.

C-LINK provides the advantage of using the board geometry in board repair so that the user can see where a certain component is located on the board and on which side of the board or which component pin is connected to which net.

Since C-LINK extracts all geometry information from CAD, it can also make it available for the board repair.

A major advantage is provided during localizing shorts on the board. In this case, the different traces that are going through different layers of the board will be highlighted. It will enable the user to follow the traces easily without any transparent prints of the different board layers. By viewing these data on screen, localizing faults is a much simpler task.

C-LINK also generates all the component data in a format that is usable by the Layout software, so that the customer when looking at a component gets automatically all the component information such as part number, electrical model, package, pin model (i.e. which pins are inputs, outputs, bi-directional or power pins), etc. This will save the user having a Bill of Material, the data sheet of each component and the cross-reference list of the board.

By using the C-LINK repair output, the term "paperless repair" becomes a new meaning, not just by eliminating the paper tag of the error message but all kind of paper documentation of the board at the repair or test station.

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