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The Link to Test and Repair

The software’s integrated set of tools provides Design for Testability checks, automates the time-consuming process of test fixture design, and generates circuit descriptions.

For repair stations, all the board data such as layout, schematics, component data, and processing machines are available on screen to assist the repair operator and to make certain the correct failing-components are changed.

C-LINK Test not only supports our MTS Tester family but also all other major testers available on the market.

Testability Analysis

C -LINK allows the user to define accessibility criteria for each PCBA. Data such as pad size to be used for tests, distance between two test points, distance to board edge, distance to component, distance to board edge, etc., can all be set by the user.

C-LINK generates a complete multi-directional (top, bottom, left, right) accessibility report for each board design.

Nets that cannot be accessed are reported, with the reason for not being accessible shown for each one, giving the user a more complete understanding of the testability issues.

Users will find it helpful to run the testability analysis on the CAD design before the board is produced.

This way, accessibility problems can be detected and solved early enough in the process, resulting in more reliable and less expensive fixtures.

Fixture Design

For fixture designs, C-LINK allows the user to define priorities (e.g. nail size) for the test locations.

The program will perform complete fixture design, ensuring equal distribution of the test locations and avoiding the usage of smaller nail sizes whenever possible.

C-LINK also offers the user the selection of head types to use in each location, generating the most effective test programs possible.

C-LINK can develop test programs for both non-multiplexed test systems such as Digitaltest’s MTS family or for multiplexed test systems from other vendors.

For non-multiplexed testers, C-LINK assigns a tester channel number for each net on the board.

For testers using pin multiplexing, C-LINK generates the complete input to the tester – this enables the tester software to define the channel number and generate the nail assignment report.

C-LINK then reads this data to complete the fixture generation process.

C-LINK supports many different fixturing options such as multiple boards on a fixture (either identical or different) and double-sided applications.

C-LINK provides a complete solution for non-multiplexed and multiplexed fixtures.

The program generates all the data necessary for fixture manufacturing such as the drill files and the wiring information as well as all of the fixture documentation including the nail plan.

Additionally, C-LINK can calculate the fixture costs according to customer-defined parameters.

Circuit description

Fixture documentation

Fixture redesign

Mechanical build

Fixture design

List of Supported Test Equipment

• Acculogic Sprint
• Digitaltest - MTS 3.x
• Digitaltest - CITE
• Fairchild
• GenRad - 227x
• GenRad - 228x
• HP - 3065
• HP - 3070
• Innovate
• ITA Scorpion
• IFR (Marconi)
• Okano
• Rohde and Schwarz
• Samsung TC07
• Schlumberger CATE
• Spea
• Takaya APT2200/8300
• Takaya APT8400
• Teradyne Z18xx
• Teradyne Z8xx
• Teradyne Z8000
• Teradyne Spectrum 8800 Series
• Teradyne L200/300
• Teradyne Javelin
• TR-518
• Tescon

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We are specialized in the development of both software and hardware for the international Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) market. We are dedicated to perfecting the manufacture and testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our automated software links Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the production, testing and repair of PCBs.

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