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C-LINK DTM Component Database (CDB)

A wealth of information

The C-LINK DTM Component Database has been developed as a central instrument to provide data for the C-LINK DTMfamily. CDB contains all the relevant information, such as the electrical component values necessary for the test preparation as well as the component and production data required for the automatic insertion. Due to its design, the CDB fits perfectly into the C-LINK family.

Among the testers it supports, are the following:

• Digitaltest CITE
• Genrad
• HP
• Schlumberger
• Spea
• Teradyne

CDB is a very user friendly software that helps accomplish the required tasks in a quick, efficient and a simple manner. It provides many useful features some of which are:

Intelligent customizable interface in the form of:
• shortcuts and status bar help for all items in a dialog
• helpful optional toolbars
• resizing and re-positioning all the dialogs according to need
• ability to set preferable fonts, colors and styles of displayed text

Supports multiple databases with complete database administration and maintenance in terms of creation, duplication, deletion, renaming, backup and restore, and rebuilding to overcome any errors.

Provides a link to the outside world using the export and import features that are quite configurable. Selected data is exported in text files according to the layout determined by the user.

Statistical and monitoring options for each dialog like the number of items entered, the valid ones, the deleted ones, the file size, the last user who edited a certain record and the time stamp in which he made the editing... etc.

A very smart search tool that helps locate any piece of information in any of the available dialogs.

The administrator can easily identify the important fields that should be filled (mandatory) from those recommended to be filled (preferable) as well as the non-important (extra) ones to help and ensure that his staff enters the information completely and correctly.

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Over 110 major electronics manufacturers in 23 countries are depending on our testers and software tools to ensure quality aspects in their products from the design phase through production and test.

We are specialized in the development of both software and hardware for the international Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) market. We are dedicated to perfecting the manufacture and testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our automated software links Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the production, testing and repair of PCBs.

The software that we produce can be classified into two main categories: Design/Manufacturing and Testing/Quality Management. Our three major software products are C-LINK, CITE, and C-LINK QMan.