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It is possible to supply the right solution for the problem at hand at the right time, only if the supplier knows exactly what he/she is doing. This requires exact knowledge of the market and latest technologies used, as well as the needs of the customer. All this can be achieved through close cooperation with existing and potential users. This is why the term "Partnership" is of such importance to our company. We must not only keep ours eyes and ears open, but be prepared and able to incorporate the experience gained through such cooperation, as well as information on shortcomings, in the design and development of new and better products. Therefore, Digitaltest always involves users in the further development and new design of products as well as in the process of goal definition. The unconventional exchange of opinion and experience practiced by Digitaltest for many years is of particular advantage in this respect. The result of this close cooperation is the development of systems and application concepts which combine to help in meeting the demands of the future. This cooperation is also ultimately responsible for our ability to introduce new products fast. Although this process is time-consuming and costly, it ensures long-term usability of new technologies and secures investments for our customers in industry for years to come. Some of our customers in Industry are listed below, with comments concerning our relationships.

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"We have been using several MTS-range systems since 1986. We use these systems to check all circuit designs, from purely analogue technology through to mP-based process control systems. Over the years we have repeatedly decided in favor of Digitaltest for numerous reasons. These include the facility of learning the testing language, which makes use of all the options provided by modern PC-based technology.

We have also found the integration of CADdata using C-LINK for fixtures and test program generation to be a convincing solution. What was particularly important from our point of view were the excellent link-up-options to simulators such as CAPS and CADATN, the simple and comfortable debug options and the comprehensive range of "tools" to support error diagnosis and localization. From the point of view of hardware, the high level of availability of the systems, the excellent link-up of IEEE instruments and the direct address capability of the test channels have, in recent years, all confirmed the wisdom of our choice in favor of Digitaltest. Digitaltest provides a high level of support in the elimination of errors and problems."

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"For several years, the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (German Administration for Flight Safety) has been successfully using the In-Circuit and functional test system MTS200 to service and repair a wide spectrum of board types for the different flight safety systems (e.g. communication system, components of monitoring computers and boards for the display of radar data). in 1995 a S745 has been introduced to service the system for the radar data display. Since wide spectrum of boards are tested on these systems, they are used as universal and efficient failure localization and test systems in the central servicing department of the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH. The high availability of the MTS200 and the S745 confirms our decision for these systems as well as the qualified support provided by Digitaltest in case of hardware or software problems."

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"In our cooperation with Digitaltest we particularly appreciate the smooth processing of our inquiries, also the alterations to hardware and software.

Problem-solving concepts to cater for special demands are realized rapidly following consultation."

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"Over five years ago, we began searching the market for a test system for economical testing of our future electronic boards.

The combination options of the MTS 200 for In-circuit and functional testing were the major factors in our decision in favor of Digitaltest. We are also fully satisfied with the software and the measurement options. The company's pinelectronic components meet our requirements for standard series production in the 24 Volt sector.

As a recent convert to Digitaltest, we consider our selection criteria to have been fully confirmed in day-to-day operations".

"We are satisfied with the system. In the course of our search for a suitable system we were shown the Digitaltest unit during a company visit. The technology used and the unique cost/benefit ratio persuaded us right away.

Since we have been using the system we have come to particularly appreciate the unbureaucratic style and rapid service of Digitaltest. We now enjoy a direct "hot-line" to the developer of our hardware and software."

Producing over 12 million telephones per year, Siemens at Bocholt, Germany, belongs to one of the 3 major factories for telephone handsets, cordless and mobile phones in the world. For the last 4 years Siemens has been using our MTS60 test systems for In-Circuit and functional testing of their electronic boards. The systems are used as stand-alone-versions or integrated with an automatic handler for in-line-operation.

The criterion for choosing the MTS60 was the excellent price and performance. It provides fast, accurate and repeatable measurements. The reliability was an important factor, since Siemens works in a three-shift mode 6 days a week. Due to the high volume production and the variety of products it was essential that the lines were to be flexible in terms of shifting products from one line to the other. This meant that all the test programs must run on all testers without any further debugging. Through the high repeatability of the test results, the MTS60 fulfilled all Siemens' requirements.

With more than 40 installed test systems in different locations such as Bocholt and KampLintfort - Germany, Shanghai - China, Santa Maria - Italy and Manaos - Brazil, Siemens is one of our major key accounts. Digitaltest provides Siemens with turnkey solutions including testers and test programs. High flexibility and very short internal decision-procedures at Digitaltest guarantee the success of both companies.

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"We have to test an extremely wide type spectrum with small batch sizes. We therefore looked for a system which was both able to perform the entire range of tests and was also affordable. The MTS 200 was just what we had been looking for. We use it as an in-circuit and function test system to our full satisfaction. This is an area in which Digitaltest is renowned for its pioneer work.

Even when problems occur, Digitaltest proves its worth with rapid and uncomplicated assistance. We would not hesitate to choose Digitaltest again."

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